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There Is Another CPON, Besides EPON And GPON

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Jul 13, 2021
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CPON? You must be familiar with EPON\GPON, but do you know what is CPON?

CPON:Coherent PON.

CableLabs recently launched that project – dubbed Single-wavelength 100G PON.

What is the difference between this CPON and the traditional PON?

CPON is like traditional PON:Passive optical distribution network,Point-to-multipoint topology. Yet, CPON is different: Uses coherent modulation and detection instead of IM-DD ,Optimizes optical power distribution,Provides longer reach & higher split ratio with improved power budget, Enables 100 Gbps and beyond data rate (per lambda)…

Where can this CPON be used?

It can be applied to optical access networks such as residential broadband; wireless transmission such as midhaul and fronthaul; optical fiber to enterprises and multi-residential units…

knittle, vice president of cablelabs, believes this is the future development direction of PON. But what will happen in the future? let us wait and see!
It’s interesting to follow the development of technology. In the next article, I’m going to talk about Nokia 25g PON vs        Huawei 50G PON.

For more details of CPON, please click this link:

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