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Understanding The PON Standard Evolution With One Picture

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Jul 20, 2021
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PON is the main technology of FTTH broadband service. Its single fiber bi-direction transmission, P2MP and service 20Km radius range from center room to home. It can not only meet the requirements of rate and reliability, but also reduce the cost of network construction and maintenance of. At present, we can divide PON technology into three generations. First generation is the EPON and GPON technology, they are mainstream applications now. The second generation is 10g technology, which is gradually being commercialized. The third generation is the 50G technology, they are still under discussion and development. IEEE and ITU-T represent for two different PON technologies development road. Hot topic in the industry recently is “Nokia’s 25 G PON Vs Huawei 50G PON”, it’s a typical of IEEE and ITU-T PON technology comparison.

understanding the pon standard evolution with one picture

According to the statistics of some research institutions. The order of market share by PON technology is GPON>XGS-PON>10G EPON>EPON>NGPON-2,GPON, GPON is about 60%, XGS-PON is significant increasing. The order of market share by technology in 2023 will be GPON ≈ XGS-PON>NGPON2>10G EPON>EPON, the total share of GPON and XGS-PON exceed 70%.

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