Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd.
C-Data's product portfolio includes a wide range of offerings such as ONU, OLT, HFC, Wireless Access, Switches, OTN, Cloud Platforms, and Smart Software Systems.
  • Optical Transport Networking Solution
    Optical Transport Networking Solution
    CDTrans transmission network solution integrates WDM technology, provides you with a high-speed, large-capacity and fully transparent transmission network.
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  • FTTH Solution
    FTTH Solution
    C-DATA FTTH solution, based on PON technology, provides users with FTTH solutions with high bandwidth, strong stability, convenient maintenance.
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  • Home Networking Solution
    Home Networking Solution
    C-Data home network solution uses WiFi, Mesh and other technologies to create a high-speed, stable, 360° whole-house advanced coverage network for you.
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  • POL Solution
    POL Solution
    C-Data POL solution aims to provide users with a campus network with multi-service integration, flat network structure, and convenient maintenance.
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  • Outdoor OLT Solution
    Outdoor OLT Solution
    C-Data focuses on flexible deployment PON solutions, offering the Outdoor OLT node designed specifically for PON networks without a standard headend room. The primary benefits include quicker setup and a lower total cost.
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