Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd.

C-Data focuses on flexible deployment PON solutions, offering the Outdoor OLT node designed specifically for PON networks without a standard headend room. 

The primary benefits include quicker setup and a lower total cost.


  • Different designs to choose from
    Different designs to choose from

    FD1608Y Outdoor OLT:

    Smaller footprint with 1 PON slot and 1 EYDFA module.

    FDC600Y Outdoor Intelligent Comprehensive Cabinet:

    Provides more space with 2 PON slots, 1 EYDFA module, or you can place your network equipment inside.

  • Various install scenarios
    Various install scenarios

    Wall mounting or pole installation supported, our solution is designed for flexible deployment, providing seamless connections wherever needed.

  • OLT and EYDFA modules
    OLT and EYDFA modules

    8-port OLT modules for high-density network requirements.

    Integrated EYDFA for CATV network.

    Customized configuration to match your network.

  • Suitable for harsh environments
    Suitable for harsh environments

    Crafted with industrial materials and featuring IP67/IP65-rated weatherproof protection

    1+1 power backup and redundancy design ensure uninterrupted operation.

    Smart temperature control, utilizing fans and heaters to maintain stable network.

  • Remote Management
    Remote Management

    C-Data's OLT WEB and CMS offer users, enterprises, and operators a secure, efficient, and intelligent network operation and maintenance platform.

    Remote WEB management are enabled via the Ethernet Port for monitoring and controlling EYDFA.

  • Security Assurance
    Security Assurance

    Equipped with independent unique keys.

    Through CMS, set the operational time of the chassis; any other unauthorized operations will be automatically reported to system, and triggering chassis alarms.

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