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C-Data POL Solution for Schools

POL Solution

School network belongs to a typical campus network, but its requirements in security management and technical foresight surpass ordinary campus networks. The main problems and requirements in the school network can be classified into three aspects: user access, management and operation, and security.

C-Data POL Solution for Schools replaces copper lines with optical fiber, and at the same time applies F5G optical technology to industrial parks, replaces the original aggregation access switch with the passive optical distribution network, greatly reduces the failure of intermediate lines, innovates the P2MP architecture, simplifies the campus network layer, and realizes fiber-to-machine, fiber-to-desk, fiber-to-camera, and fiber-to-conference room.

Compared to traditional network solutions, C-Data's FTTO (Fiber to the Office) solution for campus networks offers Fiber Access Terminals (FATs) and extends fiber optic connectivity to every room. Our highly cost-effective and streamlined deployment is designed to meet the diverse network needs of modern education, from education cloudification to multimedia central control and security monitoring.

C-Data's POL Solution offers a diverse range of stable, reliable, high-bandwidth, and energy-efficient products, including ONU, OLT, and switches, providing users with voice, data, video, monitoring, and other services, and realizing unified management of campus equipment through visual network management.

It's time to bid farewell to sluggish campus networks! Let's transform campus networks together and experience enhanced bandwidth, superior coverage, and an exceptional network journey.

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