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GPON - Pizzabox

C-Data Pizza-Box GPON OLT Series
C-Data Pizza-Box GPON OLT Series

High performance, multiple configurations

The GPON OLT series includes 4/8/16 optional GPON ports and high-speed 10 Gbps SFP+ uplink links, with a total of 5 models designed to meet various complex network requirements. Whether it's FTTH/FTTP or POL solutions, these models seamlessly integrate to provide outstanding connectivity performance and significant cost-effectiveness.

  • Multiple Configuration Options
    Multiple Configuration Options
  • Suitable for Ultra-Narrow Cabinets
    Suitable for Ultra-Narrow Cabinets
  • High Bandwidth
    High Bandwidth
  • Full-Service Support
    Full-Service Support
  • CMS Network Management
    CMS Network Management
  • AC/DC Power Supply
    AC/DC Power Supply
Powerhouse for Connectivity Enhancement
Powerhouse for Connectivity Enhancement

Diverse GPON port options, including 4/8/16 port models, with a splitting ratio of up to 1:128.

The upgraded B2 series is equipped with 4*10 Gbps SFP+ uplink links, providing an unparalleled fast connection experience.

With a depth of only 265mm, saving space and allowing flexible deployment.

Supports fiber coverage distances of up to 20 kilometers, making full use of fiber internet services within the area.

Hassle-Free Deployment
Hassle-Free Deployment

Compatible with mainstream ONU/ONT devices, supports shared private OAM/OMCI, enhancing network efficiency and maintenance convenience.

Rapid setup with ONU/ONT online auto-registration for plug-and-play simplicity.

Compliant with ITU G.984.x and FSAN standards, suitable for FTTH and FTTO applications, simplifying fiber network construction.

High Reliability
High Reliability

1+1 power modules and power redundancy support without interruption

Opt for optional BBU for extended operation

Intelligent fan temperature controller keeping your system cool and efficient.

User-Friendly Management
User-Friendly Management

Full range of management options covering CLI, WEB, Telnet, SSH and MQTT

Intuitive OLT Web: Step-by-step guides and info clarity simplify your maintenance experience and increase efficiency

CMS, The Integrated Management System
CMS, The Integrated Management System

C-Data CMS provide users, enterprises, and operators with a secure, efficient, and intelligent network operation and maintenance platform, 

achieving efficient, stable, and swift management and operation.

Mobile CMS APP : Improve efficiency with one-click operations for installation and troubleshooting.

Key Features
Key Features


Management Rack1U 19-inch standard box
Uplink PortCOMBO port
4* 10/100/1000M auto-negotiation Ethernet ports
4* SFP interfaces
PON PortQuantity: 4
Physical interface: SFP
Interface type: GPON: ITU-TG.984.2 Class B+/Class C+
Max splitting ratio: GPON: 1:128
Management Port1* 100/1000BASE-Tx out-band Ethernet port
1* CONSOLE local management port
Backplane Bandwidth63G

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4*GPON + 4*GE + 4*GE SFP + 2*10GE SFP+8*GPON + 4*GE + 4*GE SFP + 2*10GE SFP+16*GPON + 2*GE + 2*GE SFP + 2*10GE SFP+
RackType1U 19-inch standard box1U 19-inch standard box1U 19-inch standard box
Uplink PortCOMBO port4 10/100/1000M auto-negotiation Ethernet ports4 10/100/1000M auto-negotiation Ethernet ports2 10/100/1000M auto-negotiation Ethernet ports
4 SFP interfaces4 SFP interfaces2 SFP interfaces
10-Gigabit2 SFP+ interfaces2 SFP+ interfaces2 SFP+ interfaces
PON PortQuantity4816
Physical interfaceSFPSFPSFP 
Interface typeGPON: ITU-TG.984.2 Class B+/Class C+GPON: ITU-TG.984.2 Class B+/Class C+GPON: ITU-TG.984.2 Class B+/Class C+
Max splitting ratioGPON: 1:128GPON: 1:128GPON: 1:128
Management Port1 100/1000BASE-Tx out-band Ethernet port1 100/1000BASE-Tx out-band Ethernet port1 100/1000BASE-Tx out-band Ethernet port
1 CONSOLE local management port1 CONSOLE local management port1 CONSOLE local management port
USB Port1 USB 1 USB 1 USB 
PON Port attributeTransmission distance20KM20KM20KM
Port rateDownstream: 2.5Gbps              Downstream: 2.5GbpsDownstream: 2.5Gbps
Upstream: 1.25GbpsUpstream: 1.25GbpsUpstream: 1.25Gbps
WavelengthForwarding: 1490nmForwarding: 1490nmForwarding: 1490nm
Receiving: 1310nmReceiving: 1310nmReceiving: 1310nm
Interface typeSC/UPCSC/UPCSC/UPC
Fiber type9/125μm SMF9/125μm SMF 9/125μm SMF 
(Single Mode Fiber)(Single Mode Fiber)(Single Mode Fiber)
Network management methodSupport CLI、SNMP、TELNET、SSH、WEBSupport CLI、SNMP、TELNET、SSH、WEBSupport CLI, SNMP, TELNET, SSH, WEB
Backplane Bandwidth63G78G108G
Power supply220VACAC:100V~240V,47~63HzAC:100V~240V,47~63HzAC:100V~240V,47~63Hz
-48DCDC:-40V~-72VDC: -40V~-72VDC:-40V~-72V
BBUDC: 11V~14VDC: 11V~14V
Maximum power45W78W100W
WorkingWorking temperature-15~50℃-15~50℃-15~50℃
environmentStorage temperature-40~85℃-40~85℃-40~85℃

Humidity5~90% (Non-condensing)5~90% (Non-condensing)5~90% (Non-condensing)


NO.Product ModelSpecificationsAccessories
1FD1604S-B14*GPON + 4*GE + 4*GE SFP + 2*10GE SFP+Optional-BBU
2FD1608S-B18*GPON + 4*GE + 4*GE SFP + 2*10GE SFP+Optional-BBU
3FD1616S-B116*GPON + 2*GE + 2*GE SFP + 2*10GE SFP+Optional-BBU
4FD1608S-B28*GPON+2*GE Ethernet+2*GE SFP+4*10GE SFP+Optional-BBU
5FD1616S-B216*GPON+2*GE Ethernet+2*GE SFP+4*10GE SFP+Optional-BBU

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