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Exclusive ''C-DATA Factory Tour And Training Tour'' For Fresh Graduates

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Jul 29, 2021
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It is the rainy season of one year, the outdoor typhoon roars, the lightning flashes and thunder, the indoor warm and calm, C-DATA welcomes a group of outstanding fresh graduates. In order to let the fresh graduates who are new to the workplace better enter the working condition, on July 6, 2021, C-DATA arranged a “C-DATA Factory Tour and Training Tour” specially for these graduates.

exclusive c data factory tour and training tour for fresh graduates

This visit covered the entire process of a product production, including programming, welding, testing, streaming, packaging, delivery and so on. In just one day, we witnessed the whole process of the company’s products from being made into products from small parts to complete packaging and out of the warehouse.

During the whole visit, the most impressive part was welding.
We all know that every operation link in the factory must be extremely careful and cannot make mistakes. This wave soldering link can be regarded as the most vivid embodiment of this feature. The original imagination of welding is to put two things together and weld them together. But I did not expect that the control of time, temperature and other influencing factors are extremely strict. For example, the control of time is accurate to the unit of second. The seriousness is outrageous.

exclusive c data factory tour and training tour for fresh graduates

Secondly, the packaging process is more impressive. Here, we found that some products will be “specially treated” and filmed and bagged, but others are not. Why is this? In this regard, the person in charge explained: Some products sold abroad will take a long time to transport, and sometimes they have to be transported by sea and other transportation methods. Filming and bagging during packaging can play a good role in preventing moisture. And some products do not carry out this operation because these orders do not have long transportation time or moisture problems, reducing the steps of film forming and bagging, can practice the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, and avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

exclusive c data factory tour and training tour for fresh graduates

Seeing this, a few large characters on the entrance of the second floor of the factory came into my mind again:“there are promises, principles, and rules”. For every C-DATA person, this is by no means empty words. Everyone actually uses actions to interpret the inner meaning of these big characters.

So, what do the young saplings feel after seeing so much? Did they gain anything during this visit?

First of all, let’s take a look at the visit notes made by our classmates from the Technical Support Department.

exclusive c data factory tour and training tour for fresh graduates

Seeing this note with pictures and texts, do you also think that this must be a college tyrant who has a serious attitude and loves to learn? This seriousness is probably… the basic qualities of being a schoolmaster?

Of course, in addition to taking out notebooks to take notes and learn knowledge, everyone can’t help but sigh: The gain from this visit is really great!

exclusive c data factory tour and training tour for fresh graduates

R&D Department-Lin Xiangyu: This visit resolved many doubts in my college days. In the university class, they buy ready-made development boards, draw PCB diagrams and give them to the project, and the finished products are sent directly. I have always been curious about how the circuit board components are soldered, punched, and routed, especially how the chip patch is operated. This visit has solved these problems for me. Although I don’t make hardware, but let me see how the development board I am currently operating has gotten into my hands step by step, and it makes me feel like I have a bottom line.

exclusive c data factory tour and training tour for fresh graduates

Technical Support Department-Xian Yanzhao: In general, this “factory tour” can be regarded as a pavement for my future work. For the work of technical support, if you want to grow better, you must not only have a solid theoretical foundation, but also know how to use it flexibly, and have the ability to “encounter problems and solve problems”. At the same time, it also made me understand: everyone is a powerful individual, and every job has its meaning. I will work hard to learn more knowledge, enrich myself, consolidate myself, perfect myself, and lay the stepping stones for serving customers well in the future.

exclusive c data factory tour and training tour for fresh graduates

Technical Support Department-Peng Wei: When I stepped into the gate on the second floor of the factory, the entire production process of ONU and OLT unfolded before my eyes like a picture scroll. Later, I went to the first floor and learned about the plug-in, wave furnace and test packaging.

The visit of the entire SMT production line made me sincerely thank the workers and complex and sophisticated machines who worked hard in the factory. It was their hard work that allowed the ideas of the R&D department to be made into products, and then mass-produced, and then brought them to the company. Actual sales benefit. At the same time, I also saw a lot of industrial equipment that I had never seen in textbooks before, and I saw the whole process of a product from production to final packaging.

Science and technology are primary productive forces. As new young people in the new era, we have the responsibility and obligation to work harder, shoulder the important task of rejuvenating the country through science and technology, and exploring the peak of science.

Technical Support Department-Mao Liting: From this experience, I understand a truth: only by combining theory and practice can I have a more thorough understanding of knowledge. Learning the knowledge in books is to use it in practice, sum it up in experience, and improve one’s own skills and practical experience. In the future work and study, I will pay more attention to the combination of theory and practice. In addition to consolidating my professional knowledge, I also need to improve my comprehensive ability and make continuous progress and growth.

exclusive c data factory tour and training tour for fresh graduates

Technical Support Department-Liu Jialin: Through this visit, I have a clearer understanding of the company’s products. From R&D to finished products, there are many people’s contributions. I also find that I need to study harder and make persistent efforts in the future.

Through these feelings of everyone, we can also see that everyone has benefited a lot from this visit.

“A strong young man makes a country strong, a young man progresses, a country progresses, and a young man is strong on the earth, and the country is strong on the earth.” A few years ago, Mr. Liang Qichao said in his ''Young China''. The development and growth of young people is extremely important to the development of a country. Looking at your side, the future and development of C-DATA will also be in the hands of everyone who has just stepped into the door of C-DATA. I hope that every little “you” can find their own value here, shine and become a better self, thus creating a better C-DATA

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