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Optical Amplifier Card - Pre-Amplifier

EDFA is a C-Band erbium-doped optical power amplifier with low noise and flat gain. The core device adopts a high-reliability Pump laser, adopts unique ATC and AGC circuit control, cooperates with professionally designed GFF and matched optical path design, so that the flatness and noise of EDFA are optimized, thus realizing APC and AGC functions.

EDFA is divided into the power amplifier, line amplifier and pre-amplifier.

Technical Specifications

Amplifier typeboost amplifierline amplifierpreamplifier
Operating wavelength range1528-1566nm1528-1566nm1528-1566nm
Input optical power range-23dBm~12dBm-30dBm~5dBm-30dBm~5dBm
Output optical power range-4dBm~20dBm-lldBm~20dBm-ldBm~20dBm
Adjustable gain range19dB~25dB19dB~25dB29dB~35dB
Gain flatness 1.5dB
Noise coefficient5.5dB
Polarization Dependent Gain0.5dB
Polarization mode dispersion0.5ps
Input return loss45dB
Output return loss45dB
Control modeAGC (default), APC,ACC
PortInput, 1*LC; Output, 1*LC; Monitoring, 1*LC
Network management function Dimension (FTW*D)CLI,WEB 170*22*245 mm
Working environmentWorking temperature: -10°C ~ 60°C
Storage temperature: -40°C 〜85°C Humidity: 5% ~ 90% without condensation
Power consumption<12W

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