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WDM Card / Demultiplexing Card

Based on TFF and AAWG technology, MUX/DEMUX making full use of the low-loss band of optical fiber, the channel of CWDM/DWDM can be combined and demultiplexed, which greatly saves the optical fiber resources, and can flexibly change the network configuration according to customers' requirements.

MUX/DEMUX is often used for long-haul transmission. DWDM system with a frequency interval of 100 GHz supports a smooth upgrade to 48 waves, and DWDM system with frequency interval of 50 GHz supports a smooth upgrade to 96 waveswhich has a higher spectrum utilization rate and saves freguency band resources. CWDM system supports a smooth upgrade to 18 waves.

Technical Specifications

Wavelength rangeCWDM: 1271nm-1611nm
DWDM: C-Band (100GHZ/75GHZ/50GHZ)
Channel spaci ngCWDM: 20nm

DWDM: 0.8nm/0.6 nm /0.4nm
Channel insertion loss
4CH: <1.5dB, 6CH:<2.0dB, 8CH:<3.2dB, 12CH:<3.8dB, 16CH:<4.2dB
40CH: <6.0dB,48CH:<6.0dB, 80CH:<6.5.0dB, 96CH:<7.5dB
Center wavelength accuracy±0.05 nm
Isolation of adjacent cha nnels>25dB
Non-adjacent channel isolation>30dB
Polarizati on dependent lossW0.5dB
Maximum in put power>300mw
Return loss>45dB
Polarization mode dispersi onWO.lOps
Slot1 slot (below 16 waves), 2 slots (40-48 waves), 4 slots (80-96 waves)
Network management functionCLI,WEB
Dimension (H*W*D)170*22*245 mm/45*170*245mm/89*170*245mm
MTBF> 100,000 hours

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