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  • 1550 nm transmitter
  • 1550 nm transmitter

1550 Optical Transmitter

HF200-3615E series External Modulated Optical Transmitter is the preferred product of broadband transmission system and large capacity CATV optical transmission system network.Mainly using in optical modulation, optical insertion, WDM, the network upgrade and expansion of the large 1550nm optical transmission system, that is a core device to achieve triple play, FTTX, 1550nm RFTV broadcast network system.

Technical Specifications



1*RJ45 + 1*RS232 + 2*Optical output + 1*RF input
Optical ParameterWavelength(nm)1550±10nm
Optical output powerSpecify by customer (2×5、2×6、2×7、2×9For choice)
Connector typeFC/APC or SC/APC
Optical Reflection Loss≥50
Laser TypeDFB
Light modulationmodeExternal modulation
RF parametersRF Band47-862/1000
RF Input level80±5dBμV (AGC)

Level Difference of Narrow-Band port andMain Port

Nominal RF Input Impedance75

RF Input Reflection Los>16 (45~750MHz)

Flatness≤±0.75dB (45~1000MHz)

Input Level Detection
Link ParameterC/N/


CTB≥65.0 dB



SBS SuppressionContinuously Adjustable (13.5、16.5、18.5 forchoice)
General ParameterPower Supply100~240 VAC (Option-48VDC)

Power consumption/

Working Temperature0℃~50℃ (Automatically shelltemp contro)

Working relativeTemp20%~85%

Storage Temperature

Size (Length x Width x Height)483mmx381mmx44mm

Reference Net Weight

Power loss≤50W

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