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C-Data TRIPLE PLAY Solution for Network Operators

FTTH Solution

With the development of the Internet, the demand for diversified services has put forward higher requirements for network operators. The network must carry video, data, and voice, and must have two-way interaction and multi-function capabilities. C-Data TRIPLE PLAY Solution can help network operators transform into multi-service integrated operators.

Integration of Three Networks

C-Data's triple-play solution is to integrate video, data, and voice services by adopting a new network structure, which can be integrated based on the PON system. The principle is to combine the CATV PON system and FTTH CATV system by WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplex) technology to achieve the signal of 1550m, 1490m, and 1310m can be transmitted in the same fiber. The topology of the network structure is shown in the following:

Network Operators

Network Structure Diagram of Integration of Three Networks

PON (Passive Optical Network) is a network system of P2MP (point to multiple points) that consists of OLT (Optical Link Terminal), ODN (Optical Distribution Network), and ONU (Optical Network Unit). C-Data specializes in PON technology and has a wide range of EPON, GPON, and XPON products that can provide network operators with flexible and particularly efficient solutions.

In the triple-play networks, the signals of the FTTH CATV system and PON system are transmitted in the same fiber by adopting WDM technology. There are two kinds of downlink signals: CATV PON data signal with an optical wavelength of 1490nm and CATV broadcast signal with an optical wavelength of 1550nm. In uplink, there is a CATV PON data signal with a wavelength of 1310nm.

Introduction of the Triple-Play Solution Based on PON System

OLT of the local side (Machine room) is the core of the CATV PON system. It provides high-speed uplink interfaces for information access, including voice, data, and PON interfaces for passive optical distribution networks. OLT is also the control center of the CATV PON system, by which the network management system accomplishes operations, management, and maintenance of the CATV PON system.

EDFA of the local side (Machine room) amplifies the received CATV front signal, and then transmits it. Its uplink interface connects the FTTH CATV front-end optical transmitter, and the downlink interface connects the input port of the WDM device.

WDM device of the local side (Machine room) is a passive device installed between OLT/EDFA and ODN, which has the function of multiplexing CATV signal and PON signal.

ONU of the user side provides interfaces for data, cable, and voice services. By applying Ethernet, GEM protocol, and other protocols, the transparent transmission of user data in the CATV PON system is realized. The output port of CATV service data (RF port) is connected to the STB (Set to Box), and then the STB is connected to the TV to receive programs.

C-Data Products for Triple-Play Solution

About products for triple-play solutions, in addition to EDFA and all kinds of ONU with the FTTH CATV interface, C-Data also provides PON series products that match the FTTH network. The triple-network integration is mainly for the construction of broadcast television networks and provides the "last mile" for optical fiber access.

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