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Integrated TR-069 ACS and EMS, C-Data Officially Launched CMS

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Oct 11, 2023
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As a global leader in innovative ICT product and solution, C-Data is thrilled to introduce the CMS (Cloud Management System), a comprehensive network management system for the entire lifecycle.

CMS supports flexible local or cloud deployment and integrates TR-069 ACS and EMS, providing operators with easy-to-use solutions for device access, management, monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades. The intelligent network management strategies offered by CMS facilitate faster business deployment, simplified operations, and enhanced user experience.

Integrated TR-069 ACS and EMS for Centralized OLT & ONU Management

Eliminating the need for laborious multiple systems, CMS solution supports all types of connected devices, including OLT, ONU, and associated terminals via TR-069 and MQTT protocols. With high scalability and compatibility, CMS can centrally manage up to 100,000 devices on a single platform, breaking geographical limitations.

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Hierarchical Network Management Visualization for Clear Insights

With regional classification and device grouping, the Dashboard presents visual information such as regional overviews, device performance, device status, alarm analysis, and recent trends. With detailed feedback on each OLT and ONU, down to individual interfaces, CMS helps operators quickly establish comprehensive and informative evaluation metrics, providing insights into network operations at every level.

Integrated TR-069 ACS and EMS

Streamlined Business Process, Minimized User Waiting Time

CMS supports provisioning capabilities, empowering administrators can customize various configuration files and settings. with a single click, these customized configuration are seamlessly deployed for immediate use. Futhermore, the CMS facilitates the remote management of  firmware updates. This guaranteeing that devices remain up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

By automating configuration processes , CMS significantly reduces the time required for business operations and ensures consistency across multiple devices. With its high scalability and availability, CMS empowers you to effortlessly handle the continuous growth of your customer base.

Integrated TR-069 ACS and EMS

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts for Proactive Network Management

Leveraging CMS's intelligent monitoring and alert diagnostic capabilities, administrators can monitor network and site health remotely, swiftly identifying and resolving potential issues using real-time data. Intelligent fault localization simplifies operational time, contributing to proactively optimizing network efficiency and continuously enhancing the overall user network experience.

C-Data CMS Solution: Building the Future of Smart Networks

The rapid development of modern emerging businesses, from high-quality AR/VR entertainment experiences to low-latency office collaboration, has increased users' expectations with regard to network capacity and services provision. By staying attuned to market demands and facilitating the realization of business value, C-Data's CMS solution helps operators construct an efficient and high-quality one-stop deployment. This achieves proactive and intelligent network operations, driving to a continuous enhancement  in the user experience.

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