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C-Data POL Solution for Industrial Park

POL Solution

Reconstructing networks is an important part of smart campus construction. Reconstructing the  industrial park network cannot be achieved overnight, and there are often many difficulties that need to be overcome:

  • Diversified access terminals. The industrial park network is complex, including various access gateways, switches, wireless APs, and a variety of sensing devices in the industrial park.

  • Multi-services. There are many needs in industrial parks, including office Internet access, security monitoring, terminal data collection, visitor management, etc.

  • Complex Operation and management. The operators are discretized, and service deployment needs to be as convenient as possible.

  • High-security requirements. The industrial park requires a high degree of protection against illegal user access and the ability to resist external network attacks.

How does C-Data overcome the difficulties?

C-Data POL solution for industrial parks replaces copper with optical fiber, using one optical fiber to carry multiple services, simplifying network, operation, management, and cost savings.

By placing the ONU at the end user and the OLT in the computer room, which is connected to the core network of the industrial park, the administrators use visual network management to remotely manage OLT and ONU to realize service configuration and daily maintenance.

The original aggregation access switch is replaced by a passive optical distribution network, which greatly reduces the possibility of failure of intermediate lines and meets the requirements of green energy saving.

C-Data can offer a diverse range of stable, reliable, high-bandwidth, and energy-efficient products, including ONU, OLT, and switches, providing users with voice, data, video, monitoring, and other services, to meet the various needs of customers.

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