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C-Data 2024 Gala Dinner Successfully Held

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Jan 30, 2024
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On January 27, C-Data hosted a grand Gala Dinner, embracing the theme "Adherence to Perfection, Teamwork to Prosperity." The event was a spirited celebration, where colleagues and esteemed guests came together to reminisce about the past year and share hopes for 2024.

CEO's Opening Address – Sailing C-Data's giant ship into the international market toward greater success.

CEO Alan Cui set the tone by reflecting on the collective efforts of 2023 and outlining the company's vision for 2024. With a dynamic market and exciting developments on the horizon, the upcoming year calls for thoughtful innovation and proactive responses from the entire C-Data family.



As we approach the imminent launch of the Shanwei Intelligent Manufacturing Center, along with ongoing investments in R&D and comprehensive market insights, C-Data is steadfast in its commitment to elevate customer satisfaction, deliver high-quality products, and provide impeccable service.


Recognition Gala – Exemplifying Strength

The awards ceremony highlighted the pivotal roles played by high-caliber individuals and teams in C-Data's journey. Model workers, diligent contributors, rising stars, outstanding employees, and leaders were recognized, inspiring everyone to contribute their talents to C-Data's ongoing success.

The last announcements were made for outstanding teams, including the Design Verification Department responsible for C-Data's PON product, the Cloud Platform Department overseeing the CMS software platform, the Software Department in charge of OLT WEB upgrade and redesign, and the Technical Service Department providing daily assistance to customers with technical queries.



Performances, Games, and Lucky Draw

The evening unfolded with captivating performances, showcasing the creative talents and strong teamwork within the C-Data family. The lively atmosphere was heightened by games, a raffle with exciting prizes.



Envisioning the Future Together

Looking forward, C-Data remains committed to its initial goals and high-quality development. The company's unwavering dedication and collective focus are set to propel it towards new achievements in 2024, creating a future filled with brilliance and shared aspirations.

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