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  • cotu200g m1h2 dco c 1
  • cotu200g m1h2 dco c 1

Coherent Wavelength Conversion Card

COTU200G-M1H2-DCO muxponder card adopts advanced technologies such as coherent technology, QPSK,DP-8QAM or DP-16QAM high-order modulation, coherent DSP and photon integration, which can realize 800-2000 km transmission and supports C-band 96-wave (50GHz) tunability.

COTU200G-MIH2-DCO realizes the multiplexing of two 100G service signals into one 200G line signal, and converts the line signal into coherent optical of one standard DWDM wavelength, to access the DWDM combiner and splitter for wave length division multiplexing transmission. lt is the best solution for the shortage of optical fiber resources, excessive loss of optical fiber lines long-haul and super-capacity transmission.

Technical Specifications

PortClient side, 2*QSFP28, hot pluggable
Line mode1 channel 200G line signal uses 1 DWDM wavelength for coherent transmission
Relay modeSup port 200G OEO
Type of service100GE,OTU4
Modulation modeDP-QPSK/DP-8QAM/DP-16QAM
WDM wavelengthSupport C-ba nd 48/96 wavele ngths
Transmission distance120-2000km
Slots2 slots
Network management functionCLI,WEB
Optical module Los alarm
Support DDM real-time optical port information monitoring
Support no light shutdown and loopback functions
Dimension (H*W*D)45*170*245mm
Working environmentWorking temperature: -10 °C - 60 °C
Storage temperature: - 40 °C-80°C
Relative humidity: 5% - 95% no condensation
Power consumption<36W

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