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Cyber Security

Vulnerability handling strategy

Company's principles for vulnerability management

C-Data is committed to reducing or eliminating the harm caused to customers by product and service vulnerabilities, and reducing the potential security risks that vulnerabilities bring to customers/users. We will proactively identify our responsibilities in vulnerability management, build a management system, and proactively manage. Meanwhile, network security is a continuously evolving dynamic process, accompanied by the evolution of threats. We will continue to optimize the workflow and standards related to vulnerability management, continuously draw on industry standards and excellent practices, and enhance our maturity in vulnerability management.

Vulnerability handling process

C-Data is committed to improving product security and fully supporting the secure operation of customer networks and service. Emphasize vulnerability management in product development and maintenance to enhance product security and ensure timely response when vulnerabilities are discovered.


1.Accept and collect suspected vulnerabilities in the product.

2.Confirm the effectiveness and scope of impact of suspected vulnerabilities.

3.Develop and implement vulnerability repair plans.

4.Publish vulnerability patch information to customers.

5.Continuously improve based on customer feedback and practice.

Publish vulnerability information announcement

The announcement contains information on the severity level of vulnerabilities, service impact, and repair plans to convey the vulnerability repair plan. At the same time, respond to the public security topics of the product (including vulnerability and non vulnerability related topics), so that relevant customers can understand the progress of the company's response to this vulnerability.

Disclaimer&Reserved Permissions

The description in this article does not constitute a guarantee or commitment, and the company reserves the right to change or update this document at any time.

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Software Services Policy

Software Upgrade Service Policy

C-DATA is committed to providing customers with continuous technical support and more professional product services. Our software update service is designed to ensure that the equipment can maintain the best performance and safety, in line with the differentiated needs of customers. We do not mandate software upgrades, and new software must pass rigorous testing in our labs before we can recommend upgrades to our customers.

Software Upgrade Plan

We do not have a fixed upgrade plan, we are more based on customer feedback and equipment operation and other considerations. In addition, our team of engineers continue to optimise our products, and if we find potential problems or performance improvements, we will also inform our customers in a timely manner.

User upgrade suggestions

Our engineer team will keep in touch with our customers and notify them when new software is released. We also recommend that customers visit our website ( to apply for software upgrades or contact our customer service to understand.

Software Lifecycle Policy

The policy covers a series of detailed information such as software revisions, release types, support periods, support types, and so on. The software lifecycle of our products is greater than 2 years, but the lifecycle of each product will be based on the terms of service and customer contracts and other valid documents.C-DATA reserves the right to adjust the software lifecycle policy at any time.

Software upgrade guide

The upgrade operation is based on one of the products as an example, other products upgrade operation is similar, detailed operation can be found in the specific product user manual.

1、Login the WEB. 

2、Select Management->Firmware Update. Click ‘+’ to select firmware file, click ‘Upgrade’ 

3、button to upgrade the CPE.

4、After the application, the device is upgraded to the latest software version.

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