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Dispersion Compensation Card

DCM board is DCF-based passive dispersion compensation module, which compensates the dispersion slope of standard G.652 single-mode fiber in the C-band, ensures the signal quality of high-speed signal after long-haul transmission, eliminates intersymbol interference, mproves the transmission performance of the system, and realizes the transmission of long-haul,high-bandwidth and large-capacity signals.

The dispersion range of 1550nm wavelength can reach -2100 to -10ps/nm, and can provide products with special requirements for center wavelength and dispersion. When combined with EDFA. it provides a simple, reliable, cost-effective long-haul transmission solution for optical transmission, which makes the signal transmit further without regeneration.

Technical Specifications

Slot1 Slot2 Slots
Equivalent G.652 Compensation length20KM40KM60KM80KM100KM120KM
1545nm wavelength dispersion (ps/nm)-340 ±10-670±20-1000±30-1340±40-1670±50-2040 ±60
Insertion loss<2.5dB<3.2dB<5.5dB<6.5dB<7.6dB<9.8CB
Polarization mode dispersion<0.3ps<0.4ps<0.7ps<0.8ps<0.9ps<1.1ps
Slots1/2 slots
Compensation modeFixed compensation
Relative dispersion slope
of 1545nm wavelength
Polarization loss≤0.01 dB
Maximum allowable input power+23dBm
Brillouin scattering threshold≥6dBm
Nonlinear system1.4*10-9 n2/Aeff
Effective area≥20Aeff
Network management function Dimension(H*W*D)CLI,WEB 22*170*245 mm/45*170*245mm
Working environmentOperating temperature: -10°C ~ 60°C
Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 80°C
Humidity: 5% ~ 95% without condensation
MTBF> 100,000 hours
Power consumption<10W

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