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Optical Line Protection Board

OLP board is a kind of protection system for optical line backup, which can realize 1+1 protection of the lines, and the switching time is less than 20ms. lt can automatically identify the optical signal status of the main and standby systems and conduct instantaneous optical path switching, to ensure that the main optical cable can be switched to the standby optical cable in case of total resistance obstacle, to improve the communication service quality.

Technical Specifications

PortClient side: 1*LC
Line side: 2*LC
Protection modeC-band, 1+1,Switch time<20ms,Automatic and forced modes
Occupy slot positionlslot
Network management functionCLI,WEB
Optical Los alarm
View working mode
Protection mode configuration
Dimension (H*W*D)22*170*245mm
Working environmentOperati ng temperat ure: -10°C ~ 60°C
Humidity: 5% ~ 95% without condensation
Storage environmentTemperature: -40 °C ~ 80°C
Power consumption<10W

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